ACIME Membership Categories

FULL MEMBERSHIP with entitlement to use MACIMETM as professional designation is available to Medical practitioners (Licensed/Registered Medical practitioners in any jurisdiction– Both physicians and surgeons) or Chiropractic Physicians (with a doctorate degree DC) who meet the following requirement:

  • Currently Certified with American Board of Independent Medical Examiners (ABIME) and Holders of Valid current ABIME CIMETM or CICETM certificate and with good standing with ABIME.
  • Licensed/Registered to Practice Medicine/Surgery or Chiropractic in any jurisdiction with no restrictions/adverse action in the past 3 years

ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP Available to non-Medical practitioners, who have attained the doctorate level degree of PhD, ScD, DrPH, EdD or any other relevant doctorate in any health discipline, a master’s level degree or other advanced training in a related field, or are a certified Physician Assistant/Associates, Advanced Nurse Practitioner who meet the requirement with a minimum of 3 years of experience working in a field related to Impairment and Disability Assessment or a master’s level degree in Clinical Psychology with a minimum of 5 years of experience working in a field related to Impairment and Disability Assessment or other advanced training with a doctorate in a related field with a minimum of 3 years of experience working in Impairment and Disability Assessment or serve as expert witness.

  • At least 24 hrs of ACIME sponsored/approved training over the past 12 months in the field of Disability Medicine and/or Impairment and Disability evaluation including at least 8 hrs of study in the use of AMA Guides to evaluation of Permanent Impairment.
  • Licensed/Registered to Practice their profession in any jurisdiction where appropriate.

FELLOWSHIP ACIME with entitlement to use FACIMETM as professional qualification is the highest and most prestigious qualification in Disability Medicine available only to those that have reached through training, examination and peer review the pinnacle of Knowledge, Skills and Abilities required of a high quality Independent Medical Examiner.

FACIME Minimum Requirements

To become a Fellow of the American College of Independent Medical Examiners a candidate must fulfill each of the following criteria:

1) Be a current full member of the College for at least one year.

2) Current holders of ABIME Master CIMETM diploma are exempt from items 1 & 8 requirements.

3) Acceptance (by objective peer review) of at least 3 IME or case evaluation reports from Candidate’s actual practice.

4) Have 2 Letters of Recommendation from Professionals in the same field of practice or specialty as Candidate, one of whom must be a Fellow of the College.

5) File the application with the $295 non-refundable fee.

6) Must have obtained 50 hours of IME related American Board of Independent Medical Examiners (ABIME) sponsored Training Credit within the last years. These are Training Programs that directly receive hour for hour credit from ABIME for primary credentialing and re-certification. At least 8 hours of the above minimum required credit must have been obtained from attending the Report Writing Workshop and Expert Witness Skills Workshop, 8 hours from Scientific Analysis of Causation and Return to Work Training and 15 hours of credit must be from training in the use of AMA Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment.

7) Must have obtained 100 hours of CME/CPD credit from any accredited training program related to your field/specialty in the past five years. This is in addition to the 50 hours of ABIME sponsored CME as outlined above

8) Must have obtained 100 credits from any combinations of following categories:

  • Current Status as an ABIME CIME Certified Diplomat (holder of a valid current CIMETMcertificate) and ABIME Board of Registry Member in good standing equals 50 credits.
  • Successful completion and passing of any version (AMA4 or AMA5 or AMA6) of the ABIME AMA GuidesExam in the past three years equals 50 credits. Applicants can qualify for total 100 credits from this category if they have passed more than one version (AMA4 or AMA5 or AMA6) of the ABIME AMA Guides Exam in the past three years. The exams must be passed on the first attempt. Any candidate failing the exam will not be eligible for the following two years. Candidates cannot claim dual credit through this category for passing the initial ABIME exam that was the basis for ABIME certification as in (a) above.
  • Successful completion and passing of any version (AMA4 or AMA5 or AMA6) of the ACIME practicum exam (entirely case studies based 4 hrs long open book Practicum exam) equals 50 credits.

9) Currently licensed/registered to practice medicine and/or surgery with no significant adverse action against the professional practice registration or license by the authority in the last 10 years in that jurisdiction.

10) Must be a specialist in her/his field of practice, recognized by an appropriate specialty authority in her/his jurisdiction and currently in good standing with that authority.

Successful election of a Fellow is contingent upon the ACIME Board of Governor’s approval of the candidate’s qualifications. Fulfillment of the minimum requirements as outlined above do not automatically entitle anyone to ACIME Fellowship.