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ACIME membership offers Independent Medical Examiners, Expert witnesses and other professionals opportunities for education, recognition and leadership. Which membership type is right for you? 


Available to Medical practitioners (Licensed/Registered Medical practitioners in any jurisdiction– Both physicians and surgeons) or Chiropractic Physicians (with a doctorate degree DC)  who meet the requirement: Read more

ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP Available to non-Medical practitioner ONLY, who have attained the doctorate level degree of PhD, ScD, DrPH, EdD, DC or any other relevant doctorate in any health discipline, a master’s level degree or other advanced training in a related field, or are a certified Physician Assistant, licensed Nurse Practitioner who meet the requirement: Read more

FELLOWSHIP ACIME is the highest and most prestigious qualification in Disability Medicine available only to those that have reached through training, examination and peer review the pinnacle of Knowledge, Skills and Abilities required of a high quality Independent Medical Examiner. Read more