American College of Independent Medical Examiners (ACIME) is the largest organization of Independent Medical Examiners in the world who perform high quality Impairment and Disability Assessments and serve as highly sought after Expert witness. Read More

ACIME's Vision

 American College of Independent Medical Examiners is the pre-eminent organization of Independent  Medical Examiners and expert witnesses who have attained a high level of  expertise through professional education, training and successful completion of peer reviewed professional  examinations

ACIME plays a constructive role nationally and internationally through its highly acclaimed Medicolegal/Expert Witness training and IME educational programs. ACIME's Membership/Fellowship credentials are a global bench mark for Independent Medical Examiner qualification.

Upcoming Training Programs

ACIME's Mission

 ACIME provides leadership to advance the science of  Disability Medicine including the prevention, evaluation, management of impairment and disability by:

  • Promoting the study, improve the quality of practice and advance the cause of Disability Medicine
  • Advancing the knowledge, skills and abilities of Independent Medical Examiners and Expert Witnesses by conducting periodic educational and training workshops
  • Encouraging research
  • Providing assistance to judicial and other administrative institutions
  • Collaborating with national and international societies, academies and institutions with missions similar to ACIME

What is Disability Medicine?

 A subspecialty of clinical medical practice which  encompasses the identification, prediction, prevention,  assessment, evaluation and management of impairment  and disability in both human individuals and populations.

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