Presidents Message

President’s Message

Ex Petra Veritatis justitia exsurgit ( from the mountains of the truth, justice will follow), is the mission
and core principle of the American Board of Independent Medical Examiners (ABIME), the practice
of which by its certified diplomats all over the world in the past two decades has brought ABIME
global recognition. It seems like only yesterday that a group of dedicated doctors and other individuals
were gathering at various professional meetings to talk about the idea for a new and different type of
accreditation process for medical doctors performing the Independent Medical Evaluations, disability
assessment and providing expert witness services. Since its foundation in 1993 ABIME has certified
9,500+ doctors all over the world. The future can only bring more distinction.

ABIME and its affiliates over the years have developed a state of the art certification review course as
well as training programs in the Use of AMA Guides, Expert witness skills workshop and recruited a
faculty for these courses whose credentials and commitment rival that of any other organization and
welcomed scores of participants not only from United States but from overseas to join with us in the
exciting and challenging study of disability medicine, through various seminars and training programs.
The ABIME’s affiliate ACDM ‘s faculty and staff’s commitment to educating and being accessible to
our colleagues, a well-designed curriculum and a friendly and supportive staff have assisted the
diplomats of American Board of Independent Medical Examiners to excel in their goal of obtaining
knowledge skills and ability in their field.

The ABIME international outreach has been remarkable in achieving the recognition of the field of
disability medicine as a specialty and its practitioners as independent medical examiners serving legal
systems as expert witnesses all over the world from North America to Europe to Asia, Africa and
Australia. ABIME has conducted its credentialing exams for doctors and other professionals from
cities as far apart as Jakarta to Istanbul and from Johannesburg to Kuala Lumpur. A quick look at the
directory and the geographic locations of ABIME diplomats worldwide would attest to this fact.
I have worked for many organizations in the leadership positions for continuing medical education and
credentialing for over two decades. My experience has taught me that the most important component
to a successful credentialing program comes from the credibility of its certification process, the
foundation of which is largely based on the core knowledge of its certified members. ABIME is very
proud to have highly qualified individuals as its certified members who have been provided the most
current evidence-based knowledge; learning experience that coupled with their skills and abilities as
experts in their field has contributed to the public good by assisting the legal system in aiming to reach
decisions that are based on sound science and current knowledge base.

I hope that you are able to attend the various training programs and sit for the ABIME exam. I am
confident that once you do, you will be impressed and that you will conclude that the American Board
of Independent Medical Examiners can offer you the best tools for a fulfilling and rewarding career in
Disability Medicine as well as Independent Medical Examiners and or an Expert Witness. When you
are at one of the meetings, I hope that I get to meet you personally.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office.

Best regards,

Mohammed I. Ranavaya, MD, JD, MS, FRCPI, FFOM, CIME
President, ABIME
Professor & Chief Division of Occupational & Disability Medicine
Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine at Marshall University, WV