Virtual Webinar Info

Special Features of these Virtual Classroom Live Trainings

  1. Eight-hour long training sessions each day, on Saturday & Sunday, very similar to the seminars previously delivered in person.
  2. The training will begin at 8 AM USA Eastern Standard time (USEST) each day on Saturday/Sunday & conclude at 4:30 PM. Please use Google to calculate local time for your location.
  3. I will be conducting this seminar live from our telehealth communication center on our professional Zoom webinar platform. In other words, there will be no difference in this virtual training from live in person training.
  4. Each attendee will receive the same CME certificate of training from the American Board as the attendees of in person program receive.
  5. The attendee would need to have a Webcam and microphone attached to their device. Each attendee would be monitored throughout the session to ensure the attendance and presence during the lecture for conference with CME rules. This would mimic a live training as nearly as possible. No recording is permitted.
  6. Our IT team would provide easy to follow instruction and would also be available during the training to sort out any problems.
  7. Attendee would be able to communicate directly in this virtual classroom with the lecturer & interact with other attendees during the seminar using Webcam & audio.